Specta is
sculpted art.

Specta is the waltz of imagination, technology and nature. It’s the outcome of world-class Breton technology, ARL Group’s decades of expertise in process manufacturing and leading minds coming together to create refreshing ideas for Engineered Quartz Stone Surface.

Select your Spectacular

  • colors
  • patterns

Ignited inspirations

Specta brings you a choice of colours, design and patterns to match your imaginations. Go ahead explore the wonderful world of designer quartz stories and match them with your kitchen and living spaces to create a signature style.

World-class manufacturing facility

The ARL Group, bringing to play its decades of process manufacturing expertise has set up one of the world's most advanced technology-led manufacturing facilities spread across a sprawling area of about 400,000 sq. ft. The unit is established keeping in mind the global standards of safety and environment parameters and is well planned with proper storage and working spaces.

Leveraging Bretonstone technology, with high-end robotics, programmable design components, best of control systems and more, the Specta team is working to create a spectacular masterpiece in Specta.

The quartz difference
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